Telecommunication Services

  • Site Acquisition (includes candidate selection, permitting/zoning, leasing, expediters, A&E services)
  • Dark Fiber
  • Temporary Monopoles (for building condemnation or repairs/maintenance)
  • Antenna Installations
    • Rooftops, water tanks, monopoles
    • Guyed towers, self-support towers, lattice towers
    • Camouflage towers, mobile cell towers (cell-on-wheels)
    • Grain silos
  • RF Interference testing and mitigation
  • Structural Modifications & Site Maintenance
  • Azimuth Verification
  • Fiber Testing, Sweep Testing, PIM Testing
  • BTS
  • Civil
    • Directional boring, concrete, restoration, excavation, decommissioning
    • Foundations
    • Generator pads
    • Steel fabrication 
  • Backup Generators
  • COWS (special events)
  • Microwaves
    • Line of site surveys, licensing, path alignment
    • Troubleshooting, outage recovery, audits

Below find photos of some of our telecommunication work.

Telecommunication Towers

Water Tank Projects


Rooftop Work

Antenna Expansions

Microwave Dish Installations




Cell on Wheels (COW)

Cabinet Work

Telecom Expansion Projects

Telecom Fiber Optics