About Us

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Our Goal

Our Mission


iMG Development is a Specialized General Contractor Serving the Wireless, Telecommunications and Emerging
Technology Sectors in the Midwest.

​Drawing From a Very Diverse and Extensive Background, We are Able to Adapt to Any Market Location and Project Complexity
Without Sacrificing Quality.

Our Ability to Adapt to Complex Situations Guarantees Performance and Excellence That is Unparalleled Among Our Competitors.

We are Committed to Establishing Long-Term Working Relationships by Providing High Quality Services, Safely, on Schedule and Within Budget.

This Commitment Starts at the Top of Our Corporate Management Structure and Extends Throughout Our Entire Workforce.



We Will Effectively Manage the Overall Functions of Your Project Including Design, Bidding, Purchasing, Construction, Quality Control and Commissioning. 

We Have the Experience and Skills Required to Successfully Manage Your Project. ​